Date of Award

Spring 2021

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Exercise Science

Director of Thesis

Christine Pellegrini

First Reader

Meredith Arnau

Second Reader

Meredith Arnau


Pediatric physical therapy treats a diverse population of children with varying needs and diagnoses. Parent satisfaction surveys have found the therapist-patient relationship very important to therapy, but research has been limited in surveying the physical setting that may impact the children receiving therapy. The aim of this study was to explore the parent satisfaction of the physical therapy environment. A parent satisfaction survey was created containing eleven likert and five open-ended questions, an adapted version of the VSQ-9 study. Eleven parents of children receiving pediatric physical therapy filled out the survey. Parents highly value the relationship with the physical therapist during pediatric physical therapy. The physical amenities had the lowest satisfaction scores and a significant correlation with overall satisfaction 0.756. The environment of physical therapy is impactful to parent satisfaction with the physical amenities in clinics consistently needing improvements.

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