Date of Award

Spring 2021

Degree Type



Moore School of Business

Director of Thesis

Dr. Joel Wooten

First Reader

Dr. Donald J. Schepker

Second Reader

Dr. Donald J. Schepker


This thesis examines Japanese baseball and how the use of analytics and statistical research has been implemented into Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), compared to its North American counterpart, Major League Baseball (MLB). Due to the large financial implications of the MLB, teams have fully adopted the use of advanced metrics to find competitive disparities and advantages in roster construction, game strategies, and player development. Because of the long history attached to baseball in Japan, many cultural differences have adapted the game and recently slowed the growth of sabermetrics. While the NPB is beginning to understand the competitive value that analytics provide, the involvement of large conglomerates in the ownership, operations, and governance of the league alter the considerations teams face when implementing a research-based strategy. Because of this ownership structure, the true value of statistical research is not entirely clear. How the teams, and corporations, choose to navigate this phenomenon within the game will not only reveal the purpose of the franchises’ existence, but also will affect the competitiveness, value, success of Nippon Professional Baseball as the 2nd highest level of professional baseball in the world.

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