Date of Award

Spring 2021

Degree Type




Director of Thesis

Sara Schneckloth

Second Reader

Melanie Palomares


The purpose of the project was to see how a single image of my house transformed when I drew multiple iterations of it under different conditions. Each condition was applied to the artist (me); either by limiting my physical state or by creating a specific mental frame that I drew from. This project consists of 31 sketches of my house: 24 of them were drawn with applied conditions and 7 were drawn from memory. As expected, the greatest differences between the drawings occurred when a greater constraint was placed on the artist, such as when I drew using three different colored markers or when I drew with my feet. However, most of the drawings shared similarities between each other that were not present in the reference photo. This lends credence to the idea that the drawings in tandem work as a “comic” derived from the ideas of Scott McCloud and Nick Sousanis. Many of these similarities were also found in the “C” drawings, which were drawn without the aid of the reference photo or any of the other drawings. This can be explained by the works of Biederman and Kragel et al.: which say that humans use emotional and simplified shape schemas to process complex visual information. In essence, due to the time constraints, I drew details in the house based on how I recognized shapes and from preestablished emotions and schemas associated with my house, instead of purely from the visual details in the reference photo.

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