Date of Award

Spring 2021

Degree Type



Biological Sciences

Director of Thesis

Dr. Jennifer Frey

Second Reader

Dr. Leah McClimans


Questionable and unethical medical experiments have existed and persisted since the creation of the field of medicine. In the 20thcentury, the United States was a nation that acted as though they were the moral police and ultimate judges on humanitarian crisis such as unethical medical experiments. In reality, the United States was performing and endorsing unethical medical practices, as well as creating and funding the entire pseudoscience of eugenics, at the same time they were condemning others for doing so. The subsequent “codes of ethics” that were created allowed for the continuation of unethical practices throughout the 20thcentury and still today. The remembrance and examination of the dark reality and history of unethical medical practice in the United States is of the utmost importance as scientific and medical advancements are continuing to progress, and are doing so at speeds faster than we are often able to react and examine the potential moral repercussions.

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