Date of Award

Winter 12-15-2015

Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

Director of Thesis

Patrick Wright

Second Reader

Francis Shimkus


My senior thesis project is a Sunday School series to be used for the high school ministry at Shandon Baptist Church. I've been an intern for the Shandon youth ministry for a year and a half, including the current semester, and have been involved in the ministry in some other capacity for nearly six years. Through my experiences with the youth ministry there, it has become my desire to pursue vocational ministry myself, and this project has become a great practical way for me to do research and learn what it will be like to be a youth pastor and create sermon and lesson plans on a regular basis.

The basis for this series was found in Jesus' words to the Pharisees during His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, found in the Gospel of Luke. When commanded to silence His followers, Jesus says that should they be silent, the rocks would cry out. I thought that this was a very interesting point, and began to wonder what a series of rocks may have to say about the biblical events that transpired around them. This thesis details the series that I produced, including topic and content, communication method, and all other sermon aspects that are necessary in creating a Sunday service.

I received the opportunity to utilize the series that I created for the youth group at Shandon Baptist Church from youth pastor Frank Shimkus, who served as the second reader for the project. He joined my director, Dr. Pat Wright, who is a Sunday School teacher and parent of a student at Shandon. Working with them gave me great theological insight as well as a practical opportunity to put into use the work that I had done.

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