Date of Award

Spring 2020

Degree Type




Director of Thesis

Dr. Stanley Dubinsky

Second Reader

Dr. Michael Gavin


With a shared history of British colonialism, India and South Africa are two countries with levels of ethnic and linguistic diversity that have contributed to previous and ongoing language policy issues. Though each country has enacted policies in attempts to combat language difficulties, many of these policies have been largely regarded as ineffective, as they have either not been properly upheld or received repeated pushback from citizens. It will also be necessary to explore each country’s efforts to deal with language policies and will evaluate through this how to effectively measure a country’s success in managing multilingualism and language rights. Throughout, the essay will focus on policy analysis in the countries’ governmental and educational spheres, looking at official efforts (or lack thereof) from the governments to protect the use of certain languages within each country. As a result of this research, using these countries as case studies in linguistic policy management in multilingual states, we will gauge how well these two countries have mitigated issues stemming from their multilingual statuses as well as to evaluate if the two have achieved equitable language policies through their efforts.

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