Date of Award

Spring 2019

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Director of Thesis

Conor Harrison

Second Reader

Zhenlong Li


Institutions of higher education increasingly serve as fundamental sources of creativity, economic growth, and innovation. As these institutions continue to employ and enroll ever-increasing populations, however, they also become primary contributors to congestion, transportation inefficiencies, and carbon emissions. It is imperative, therefore, that universities implement better, more sustainable planning techniques, especially within the context of transportation. This thesis explores the history and nuances of sustainable transportation planning on college campuses before delving into a detailed case study of the University of South Carolina’s transportation demand management strategies. To inform the resulting analysis, an in-depth review is conducted of eight comparable universities’ transportation master plans that is guided by a review of best practices in sustainable transportation demand management. The thesis then utilizes these findings to identify the University of South Carolina’s key achievements and opportunities for improvement.

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