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Spring 2018

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Moore School of Business

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D. David McIntyre

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Jason Rasso

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Jason Rasso


Introductory Guide to Forensic Accounting, found in Appendix A, was created to provide a concise blueprint for building a career in forensic accounting. It provides a lot of useful information for those seeking to gain a better understanding of the profession or learn how they can join it. The idea for this guide came as a result of my own journey to becoming a forensic accountant. I was initially introduced to the forensic accounting profession during a brief conversation with a forensic accountant working for the FBI while I was in high school. Following that conversation, I sought to find out more about forensic accounting. I had difficulties finding people to talk with about forensic accounting, and, when I did, it seemed there was always a new aspect of the profession introduced. After a few years of searching for information, it was evident that this profession is very complex and multifaceted. I wanted to create a place where others seeking information on forensic accounting can get the information they are seeking without having to visit an abundance of sources.

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