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Moore School of Business

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Dr. Michael Galbreth

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Dr. John B. Jensen

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Dr. John B. Jensen


This paper examines the link between a firm’s adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices and the resulting monetary benefits. Specifically, it addresses four major areas of business operations that present great opportunities for supply chain cost reduction and a simultaneous decrease in environmental impact. These four areas include traditional/open-loop supply chains, product packaging waste, pollution at the manufacturing site, and logistics inefficiencies. The paper then identifies several business cases in which companies have addressed several environmental issues and driven down bottom-line costs in each of the four areas through innovation and increased resource productivity. Along with cost benefits, it has been proven that companies that demonstrate improved environmental management practices see an increase in their market valuations. This paper also explores philosophical and contradicting views on CSR, defines sustainable development and the Triple-Bottom-Line (3BL) approach, and explains the importance of supply chain visibility for an effective CSR implementation.

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