Date of Award

Spring 2018

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School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Director of Thesis

Lisa SIsk

First Reader

Neil Levens

Second Reader

Neil Levens


This study aimed to explore what types of food blogs and videos exist, what their common practices are and their popularity levels. Through a content analysis of four videos or posts from 25 different producers or blogs, respectively, a total of 200 pieces of content were coded and analyzed. The coding focused on main ingredients, sponsorship, type of video or post and number of views or comments. It was found that blogs were written for a specific audience, in terms of blog types, while video producers were more multi‐purpose. This could be because of sampling method or because blogs are often sought after, while videos tend to appear in viewers’ timelines. The two types of content varied in set‐up, as well, as 85% of videos offered no background or commentary and 87% of blog posts contained more than one paragraph of additional information. Because of the way blogs are set up, number of comments had to be recorded instead of views, which led to a skewed measure of popularity. In conclusion, video producers tend to cover more types of recipes while bloggers focus more on one niche.

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