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Moore School of Business

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Pearse Gaffney

Second Reader

Mark Ferguson


The University of South Carolina’s Global Supply Chain & Operations Management [GSCOM] program in the Management Science Department has witnessed incredible growth and success throughout its first ten years as a major in the Darla Moore School of Business. The crown jewel of the GSCOM program is the Capstone project, a consulting course offered for program seniors. This thesis paper examines the value of the Capstone program through analysis of results from a graduate survey. The survey was administered to graduates from the 2013-2017 classes, and aims to capture the value that Capstone had on the first year of each graduates’ career through salary enhancement, on the job performance, career preparation, and other characteristics. Survey data were collected from graduates who participated in the capstone project as well as graduates who took an alternate course. Analysis results demonstrate that that the Capstone program does add value to graduates careers through enhanced job-performance, career preparation, skillset, knowledge base, and salary.

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