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Darin Freeburg, Ph.D.

First Reader

Kara Montgomery, M.Ed., Dr.P.H.

Second Reader

Kara Montgomery, M.Ed., Dr.P.H.


Throughout academia, there lacks an existence of a commonly utilized multicomponent and interdisciplinary approach in understanding our outside world. This thesis provides an analysis of the current state of interdisciplinarity and the need to develop interdisciplinary theory. Through this effort, the researcher utilizes the health belief model as a framework that is severely limited in applicable scope due to its constructs. Contrastingly, systems theory and game theory are validated as examples of theories with an interdisciplinary nature. Through the coding of the literature pertaining to the qualitative characteristics of the health belief model, game theory and systems theory, guidelines in developing interdisciplinary theory are proposed to challenge scholars in theory construct descriptors and usage. Further, the guidelines provided are applied to redefine the health belief model to offer perspective in how it can describe relationships outside of health. Through an interdisciplinary approach in theory development, scholars can begin to demonstrate the power and impact of knowledge sharing in solving some of society’s greatest challenges.

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