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Biological Sciences

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Jane Roberts

First Reader

Abigail Hogan

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Abigail Hogan


This study included two primary objectives. First, we aimed to see if the ASIBs demonstrate atypical physiological regulation relative to low risk controls (LRCs) and if ASD behavioral risk markers are related to physiological regulation at 12 months of age. We hypothesized that the ASIBs will have atypical physiological control in both RSA and RSA suppression compared to the LRCs and that the behavioral ASD risk markers are correlated to these atypical physiological regulations. Second, we aimed to determine if physiological regulation differs in the ASIBs that do and do not end up with an ASD diagnosis, and if there is a relationship between the ASD behavioral signs and physiological regulation in all three groups. We predicted that all three groups would differ on RSA and RSA suppression, with the ASIBs who did not end up with ASD (ASIB-NonASD) showing an intermediate profile and the ASIBs who were diagnosed with ASD (ASIB-ASD) exhibiting the most divergent profile from the LRCs. These physiological profiles would parallel the behavioral risk markers between the three groups.

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