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Political Science

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Dr. Kirk Randazzo

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Peter Leasure

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Peter Leasure


International law has existed since nation states began to recognize one another. However, the defined study of international criminal law and the resulting International Criminal Court is a fairly recent institution in our history, so there are still many questions about its operation. The question explored here is the power of the court. When put in the international political stage, the International Criminal Court can seem very powerful, but this is a question of the international influence the court can have over the world, and potential international criminals. To explore these ideas, the history of the court and international criminal law in our modern world will help shed light on the workings of the court today and begin to shape the ideas about the courts power. The International Criminal Court may be a young institution, but there have been international criminal trials before its conception and this history has had an important influence in how the court is operating today. The general proceedings of the court are also very important in analyzing its international importance. These can include the official jurisdiction, investigation, trial procedures, verdicts, and punishments that can potentially come from a case held in the Court. The cases considered through the court since it came into operation will then show how the Court deals with international crime and how effective they may be when dealing with international criminals. All of this will culminate in a conclusion of the real power of the International Criminal Court.

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