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Exercise Science

Director of Thesis

Magdalena Grudzinski-Hall

Second Reader

Chrissie Faupel


Reentry is a growing practice in education abroad programming, however it remains significantly less developed than pre-departure preparations despite the increasing numbers of U.S. students going abroad in college. This project is a qualitative study looking at how the University of South Carolina (USC) addresses reentry for its students returning from their education abroad. Faculty and staff from six departments at USC were interviewed for data collection on the topic of reentry for the returned student. These stakeholders were chosen based on their professional positions and involvement in internationalization and study abroad education. The interviews were recorded, transcribed, and manually coded by the primary investigator. Five key themes were identified: Value of integrative learning following an experience abroad, acceptance and encouragement of diversity, personal growth and development following an experience abroad, campaign for reentry and studying abroad at USC, internationalization of USC. Based on the data findings and their comparative results to the existing literature, three conclusions were reached: 1. Reflection stimulated through integrative learning is a key tool in a returnee’s personal growth during their reentry, 2. integrative learning is a growing practice at USC that can be used as a driver for reentry, and 3. existing reentry mechanisms at USC are varied but require more publicity and options for greater participation.

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