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Moore School of Business

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Dr. Bob Heere

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Alan Beaver


This paper explores the appeal and growth potential of disc golf as a way to offer a fun and immersive exercise experience. In a time when the United States is a world leader in obesity, understanding issues like appeal, exercise motivation and accessibility are important as the country looks to redirect itself towards a healthier future. In order to understand what brings disc golfers in, a survey of player motivations across demographic groups was completed using a rated average system. In doing so, researchers gained insight and verification of the game’s appeal under the framework of previous public health and sports motivation framework. The strongest motivation factors among players were being outside, getting exercise, convenience and making progress in mastery of skills. There is no public health silver bullet, but what this paper hopes to accomplish is the promotion and understanding of a relatively young sport that could appeal to the millions of people who have yet to truly see its potential.

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