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Political Science

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Dr. Robert Cox

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Dr. Kirk Randazzo

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Dr. Kirk Randazzo


Beginning in 2011, the Syrian Refugee Crisis refers to refugees that come to Europe in an effort to escape the civil war in Syria. The influx of refugees from Non-European Union Member States, specifically those from Syria, threatens the stability and the status quo of the European Union. This population is particularly relevant because their status as refugees and their large numbers indicates a level of uncertainty about short term and long term assistance expectations. In order to understand the European Union’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis, it is necessary to determine the ways in which the national implementation (governmental and non-governmental institutions) of EU agreements varies between each state and the factors that contribute to these variations. Specifically, France and Spain will be case studies to determine how different state’s responses fit into the overarching policies of the European Union. The determined level of compliance will help make predictions for the future of the European Union and for future responses to crises.

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