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Moore School of Business

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Colin Jones

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BJ Kaucher

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BJ Kaucher


At the University of South Carolina, I have taken action to find different ways to be more involved in my local community and to help families and people from underrepresented societies. While it is important to have this overarching goal, I have always wondered how I will be able to finance my goal so that I can have the money, supplies, and human capital to give back to communities in need. Through my thesis I have been able to create a business plan for a future dental practice in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan region. This business plan includes a financial analysis of a brick and mortar practice buyout and a four-year cash flow projection that is suited to present for a bank loan. These financial documents help me get a better look at owning and operating my own practice, and through the business plan I am able to align my financial practice goals with my practice mission.

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