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Every study abroad adventure is unique, exciting, and scary in its own way. When I chose to study abroad in Peru, I was selecting a university that had a brand new partnership with USC and no older students to give me advice. I embraced the opportunity to be a trailblazer to a new school instead of walking a path that had been walked hundreds of times before, but I still felt nervous at times that I didn’t have the same information as my peers going to universities with more established partnerships. As a junior at the International Business student meet and greet, where juniors meet seniors who studied at the school that they will attend, there were no former students to answer my questions. Fast forward a year, and I’ve been there and back, and look back on my study abroad experience in Peru as the greatest experience of my young life. By writing this guide, I hope to ease some of the nerves of future students as they prepare for a life-changing journey.

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