Kate Hoffman

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Political Science

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Laura C. Hein, Ph.D, RN, FAAN

Second Reader

John Dozier, Ed.D


In large university structures, bureaucracy serves to provide academic support and foster student success. Additionally, some argue that with the increasing view of universities as businesses, bureaucracy is ever-growing to serve as the ‘customer support’ for their students. Due to pressures for large university campuses to accommodate more and more students, the bureaucratic offices to serve those students are ever-increasing and ever-diversifying. Regardless of how one may view the purpose of bureaucracy, it has been lauded as an inefficient and frustrating necessity to navigating higher education. This paper will contain an analysis of a large Southern university campus, using the University of South Carolina (Columbia) as the campus of study. This paper will also focus on transgender and gender-nonconforming students as an oppressed subpopulation within large university structures.

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