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Theatre and Dance

Director of Thesis

Cynthia M. Flach, M.A.

First Reader

Stephanie L. Milling, PhD

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Stephanie L. Milling, PhD


Dance and movement therapy, or DMT as it is sometimes referred, is used as a form of therapy for many different conditions. For those who may not be familiar with DMT, it is a form of teaching dance and movement for individuals with specific needs in order to further their treatment or allow for progression (American Dance Therapy Association). DMT has a wellknown background in psychotherapeutic work and helping individuals with mental illness cope with their disorders (American Dance Therapy Association). However, it can also be used for physical impairments, social disorders, and the like (American Dance Therapy Association). There are many different organizations and practices of DMT, with the American Dance Therapy Association as a stand out. ADTA was founded in 1966 in order to establish guidance in this field and to provide clear standards for the practice (American Dance Therapy Association). This organization has set clear boundaries within this specialty regarding professionalism and the direction in which the field should progress by promoting a connected community (American Dance Therapy Association).

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