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Spring 5-5-2016

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Health Promotion, Education and Behavior

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Kara Montgomery

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Mark Tompkins


This senior thesis evaluates the health care systems of the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Denmark, before looking at how their approaches could be adapted to the U.S. system. I picked these specific countries due to their similarity in geographic location, demographic, religious affiliations, and population size but have different styles of health care systems (public, mixed, and private) that are set up in varying ways. Additionally, these populations have similar health issues to one another, such as aging-populations, and to the U.S. as well like the top causes of death. However, these four western European countries have longer life expediencies and smaller percentages (or zero percent) of their populations are uninsured. Populations who face the same difficulties, for potentially the same reasons, can count on the same or similar responses to help. All industrialized nations wish to balance the three shared concerns of modern health care which are cost, quality, and access. This is why the search for solutions has become global in scope, as the U.S. looks beyond our borders to examine how other industrialized nations provide and finance health care.

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