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Spring 5-5-2016

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Biological Sciences

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Steve Lynn

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Rebecca Sanders


This senior thesis is an extension on a previous work I have done for Honors Creative Writing (ENGL 360). The story takes you through the early life of Philip James Evans, a young man born in 1976 in Pittsburgh, PA. An alcoholic in remission, he is killed one day and wakes up in a mysterious building which is actually the headquarters of The Illuminati in Purgatory. Philip faces a tough decision: remain dead and await judgment for his wrongdoings and risk being sent to Hell, or work for The Illuminati to pay off the debt of his sins and receive a spot in Heaven. The story then evolves into a struggle for Philip to fulfill his desire for beneficence or listen to the destructive authority figures above him. Philip will have his faith put to the test before learning his final judgment from the head of the Illuminati, God Himself.

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© 2016, Michael Nicklas Goyda

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