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Spring 5-5-2016

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College of Nursing

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Woody Holton

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Ryan Stevens


This thesis centers around short stories based on the student's favorite author, David Sedaris. Sedaris is a modern humor essayist who uses experiences from his daily life to create vivid, “real-ish” stories to entertain his readers. In nursing and in life, there are interesting tales to be told. The following stories are imaginative events that are based on the author’s personal experiences. Stories about family, coming of age, reflections on life, and fictional recounts of time spent working odd jobs in the hospital are all divided into five themes—the human experience, making the best of it, loss, darkness, and light. These stories are written in the style of Sedaris to show that no matter what education or formal training one has, everybody has a story to tell. Additionally, these stories show the therapeutic value of writing in nursing.

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