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Spring 2009



McNally Named Dean of University Libraries.....p. 1
Hollings Library Construction Progresses.....p. 1
University Libraries Receive Class Gifts.....p. 2
“Old Views Made New”.....p. 3
Vintage Football Calendar Features Images from University Archives.....p. 3
Library Is Given First Edition of Mark Catesby’s Natural History.....p. 4
Ten Years of ILL Express!.....p. 4
South Carolina Digital Library Receives Grant.....p. 5
“Cookbooks and Gender in Postwar America”.....p. 5
Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library Construction (Photos).....p. 6
Major Robert Burns Conference Held in April.....p. 7
SCPC Graduate Assistant Talks about Working with Hollings Papers.....p. 8
“Lincoln and His Legacy: A Bicentennial Exhibition”.....p. 8
“Imagining Paradise, an Exhibit for the John Milton Quatercentenary”.....p. 9
South Carolina Political Collections: News and Activities.....p. 10
Conservation of Portraits of the University’s Presidents.....p. 11
Database of Recorded American Music Is NOW Available.....p.11
Music Library Receives Ravel Letter.....p. 12



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