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This exhibit marks the bicentenary of the Victorian writer Thomas Carlyle and showcases the University of South Carolina's outstanding collection of Carlyle's works, formed by Professor Rodger L. Tarr. Along with a full array of first and collected editions, nearly all in original bindings, the Tarr collection also includes important manuscript and illustrative material. Nearly all the items included in the exhibit are first or early editions, or original manuscript and illustrative material; where a reproduction has been used to round out the Carlyle story, this is indicated. The exhibit includes Carlyle's work in mathematics, German literature, social analysis, satire, biography, politics, religious philosophy, and documentary history. Carlyle stands for the interconnectedness of intellectual life, and his writing was not only wide-ranging, but widely influential. As another great Victorian intellectual, George Elliot write in 1855, "There is hardly a superior or active mind of this generation that has not been modified by Carlyle's writings...And we think few men will be found to say that this influence has not on the whole been for good."


This catalog accompanied the October-November 1995 USC Libraries exhibit, Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881: A Bicentenary Exhibit.