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This brochure lists selected items from the Winston Churchill Collection built by E. Conyers O'Bryan, M.D., of Florence, SC. When Dr. O'Bryan donated the collection to the University of South Carolina, in 2009, it was with the wish that "hundreds of people could have the opportunity to see and use" the collection, and so learn about Churchill "who I regard as the most important man of his century." The O'Bryan Collection includes more than 80 volumes of Churchill's writings (many first editions, specially-bound copies, or inscribed copies), together with books from Churchill's library at Chartwell, artwork, and memorabilia, including a silver pillbox engraved for him as a birthday gift. Of special importance among the visual material are an original oil painting by Churchill, dating from 1935, a signed photographic portrait, and a large mezzotint engraving of Churchill as prime minister.


This catalog accompanied the exhibition for the Churchill Society’s Charleston Conference, March 2009.