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This report is divided into six sections that present a history of African Americans in Camden, South Carolina from the perspective of historic preservation. The first three sections constitute the historical narrative, organized into three general time periods: the colonial period through the Civil War, emancipation and Reconstruction through the civil rights movement, and a short section on the recent past since about 1970. Within each of these sections, the report assesses political participation, economic life, the impact of war, education, religion, and the built environment. Section four offers a set of recommendations for how the information in this report can be used to encourage public education about black Camden and preservation of the city‘s African-American historic resources. The primary and secondary sources consulted in this study are listed in the bibliography in section five. The appendix in section six contains a map and database of black Camden in 1941, based on the treasure trove of information in the city directory of that year.

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Colonial Period, Civil War, Reconstruction, Civil Rights Movement, African Americans, History, Historic buildings, Conservation and restoration, South Carolina, Camden (S.C.), Race relations, History




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