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We propose a mechanism for spin-polarized photocurrent generation in quantum wires. The effect is due to the combined effect of Rashba spin-orbit interaction, external magnetic field, and microwave radiation. The time-independent interactions in the wire give rise to a spectrum asymmetry in k space. The microwave radiation induces transitions between spin-splitted subbands, and, due to the peculiar energy dispersion relation, charge and spin currents are generated at zero-bias voltage. We demonstrate that the generation of pure spin currents is possible under an appropriate choice of external control parameters.


Pershin, Y. V., & Piermarocchi, C. (2005). Spin photovoltaic effect in quantum wires with Rashba interaction. Applied Physics Letters, 86(21), 212107-1 - 212107-3. DOI: 10.1063/1.1935747

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