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We report transport measurements which we interpret as weak localization of two-dimensional conduction holes in a GaSb-InAs-GaSb quantum-well structure. This system is unique in that it has parallel conduction channels containing both holes and electrons. The longitudinal resistance of the sample was measured for temperatures between 0.006 and 25 K; the magnetoresistance was measured in a perpendicular magnetic field. Weak localization of the holes was indicated by negative magnetoresistance and by a large logarithmic correction to the conductivity.


Washburn, S., Webb, R. A., Mendez, E. E., Chang, L. L., & Esaki, L. (1984). Weak localization of two-dimensional conduction holes. Physical Review B, 29(6), 3752-3755. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.29.3752

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