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We show that the absence of preswitching oscillations (“incubation delay”) in magnetic tunnel junctions can be explained within the macrospin model by a sizable fieldlike component of the spin-transfer torque. It is further suggested that measurements of the voltage dependence of tunnel junction switching time in the presence of external easy axis magnetic fields can be used to determine the magnitude and voltage dependence of the fieldlike torque.


Garzon, S., Bazaliy, Y., Webb, R.A., Covington, M., Kaka, S., and Crawford, T.M. (2009). Macrospin model to explain the absence of preswitching oscillations in magnetic tunnel junctions: Fieldlike spin-transfer torque. Physical Review B, 79(10), 100402-1 - 100402-4. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.100402

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