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We report nonlocal spin injection and detection experiments on mesoscopic Co-Al2O3-Cu spin valves. We have observed a temperature-dependent asymmetry in the nonlocal resistance between parallel and antiparallel configurations of the magnetic injector and detector. This strongly supports the existence of a nonequilibrium resistance that depends on the relative orientation of the detector magnetization and the nonequilibrium magnetization in the normal metal providing evidence for increasing interface spin scattering with temperature.


Garzon, S., Žutić, I., and Webb, R.A. (2005). Temperature-Dependent Asymmetry of the Nonlocal Spin-Injection Resistance: Evidence for Spin Nonconserving Interface Scattering. Physical Review Letters, 94(17), 176601-1 - 176601-4. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.94.176601

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