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The structure dependent radiative K + → e+νγ (KSD+e2γ) decay was investigated with stopped positive kaons. The e+ momentum spectra containing 574±30 KSD+e2γ events with a K + → μ+ν (Kμ2) background of 28 ± 19 events were measured with and without a photon in coincidence and analyzed with Monte Carlo simulations for acceptance and detector response to extract the ratio of the branching ratio of the KSD+e2γ decay and the K + → e+ν decay including the internal bremsstrahlung process (Ke2(γ )). A value of Br(KSD+e2γ )/Br(Ke2(γ )) = 1.12 ± 0.07stat ± 0.04syst was obtained. This indicates a partial branching ratio, Br(KSD+e2γ , pe > 200 MeV/c, Eγ > 10 MeV)/Br(Kμ2) = (1.85 ± 0.11stat ± 0.07syst) × 10−5, which is 25% (∼2.5σ) higher than the previous experimental result.

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Ito, H., Kobayashi, A., S. Bianchin, Cao, T., C. Djalali, D.H. Dongwi, Gautam, T., Gill, D., M.D. Hasinoff, Horie, K., Igarashi, Y., J. Imazato, N. Kalantarians, Kawai, H., Kimura, S., Kodama, S., Kohl, M., Lu, H., O. Mineev, & Monaghan, P. (2022). Measurement of structure dependent radiative K+ → e+νγ decays using stopped positive kaons. Physics Letters. B, 826.