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The decay τ−→K−KSντ has been studied using 430 × 106 e+e− → τ+τ events produced at a center-of-mass energy around 10.6 GeV at the PEP-II collider and studied with the BABAR detector. The mass spectrum of the K−KS system has been measured and the spectral function has been obtained. The measured branching fraction B(τ− → K−KSντ) =(0.739 ± 0.011(stat) ± 0.020(syst)) × 10−3 is found to be in agreement with earlier measurements.

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Lees, J. P., Poireau, V., Tisserand, V., Grauges, E., Palano, A., Eigen, G., Brown, D. N., Kolomensky, Yu. G., Fritsch, M., Koch, H., Schroeder, T., Hearty, C., Mattison, T. S., McKenna, J. A., So, R. Y., Blinov, V. E., Buzykaev, A. R., Druzhinin, V. P., Golubev, V. B., … Wu, S. L. (2018b). Measurement of the spectral function for the . Physical Review D, 98(3).

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