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We report measurements of the branching fractions and CP asymmetries for D+ s → Kþη, Dþ s → K+π0, and D+ s → πþη decays, and the branching fraction for Dþ s → π+π0. Our results are based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 921 fb−1 collected by the Belle detector at the KEKB e+e asymmetric-energy collider. Our measurements of CP asymmetries in these decays are the most precise to date; no evidence for CP violation is found.

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Guan, Y., Schwartz, A. J., Kinoshita, K., Adachi, I., Aihara, H., Al Said, S., Asner, D. M., Atmacan, H., Aulchenko, V., Aushev, T., Ayad, R., Babu, V., Behera, P., Bennett, J., Bessner, M., Bhardwaj, V., Bhuyan, B., Bilka, T., Biswal, J., … Zhukova, V. (2021). Measurement of branching fractions and . Physical Review D, 103(11).

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