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The process e+e→ π+ππ0γ is studied at a center-of-mass energy near the ϒ(4S) resonance using a data sample of 469 fb−1 collected with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II collider. We have performed a precise measurement of the e+eπ+ππ0 cross section in the center-of-mass energy range from 0.62 to 3.5 GeV. In the energy regions of theω and ϕ resonances, the cross section is measured with a systematic uncertainty of 1.3%. The leading-order hadronic contribution to the muon magnetic anomaly calculated using the measured e+eπ+ππ0 cross section from threshold to 2.0 GeV is (45.86 plusmn; 0.14 plusmn; 0.58) × 10−10. From the fit to the measured 3π mass spectrum we have determined the resonance parameters Γ(ω → e+e−)B(ω → π+π-π0)= (0.5698 plusmn; 0.0031 plusmn; 0.0082) keV, Γ(ϕ → e+e) B(ϕ → π+π+π0) = (0.1841 plusmn; 0.0021 plusmn; 0.0080) keV, and B(ρ → 3π)=(0.88 plusmn;0.23 plusmn; 0.30) × 10−4. The significance of the ρ → 3π signal is greater than 6σ. For the J=ψ resonance we have measured the product Γ(J /ψ →e+e−)B(J/ψ→3π)=(0.1248±0.0019±0.0026)  keV.

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Lees, J. P., Poireau, V., Tisserand, V., Grauges, E., Palano, A., Eigen, G., Brown, D. N., Kolomensky, Yu. G., Fritsch, M., Koch, H., Schroeder, T., Cheaib, R., Hearty, C., Mattison, T. S., McKenna, J. A., So, R. Y., Blinov, V. E., Buzykaev, A. R., Druzhinin, V. P., … Wu, S. L. (2021a). Study of the process . Physical Review D, 104(11).

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