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We present a new technique, “tau polarimetry,” for measuring the longitudinal beam polarization present in an e+e collider through the analysis of e+e → τ+τ events. By exploiting the sensitivity of τ decay kinematics to the longitudinal polarization of the beams, we demonstrate that the longitudinal polarization can be measured with a 3 per mil systematic uncertainty at the interaction point using a technique that is independent of spin and beam transport modeling. Using 424.2 ± 1.8 fb−1 of BABAR data at √ s = 10.58 GeV, the average longitudinal polarization of the PEP-II e+e collider has been measured to be

= 0.0035 √ 0.0024stat √ 0.0029sys. The systematic uncertainty studies are described in detail, which can serve as a guide for future applications of tau polarimetry. A proposed e beam longitudinal polarization upgrade to the SuperKEKB e+e collider would benefit from this technique.

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Lees, J. P., Poireau, V., Tisserand, V., Grauges, E., Palano, A., Eigen, G., Brown, D. N., Kolomensky, Yu. G., Fritsch, M., Koch, H., Cheaib, R., Hearty, C., Mattison, T. S., McKenna, J. A., So, R. Y., Blinov, V. E., Buzykaev, A. R., Druzhinin, V. P., Kozyrev, E. A., … Wu, S. L. (2023a). Precision .Physical Review D, 108(9).

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