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We present a study of exclusive neutral pion production in neutrino–nucleus Neutral Current interactions using data from the NOMAD experiment at the CERN SPS. The data correspond to 1.44 X 106 muon-neutrino Charged Current interactions in the energy range 2.5 ≤ E v & ≤ 300GeV. Neutrino events with only one visible π0 in the final state are expected to result from two Neutral Current processes: coherent π0 production, v + A

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Ch. Kullenberg, Mishra, S. R., Seaton, M., Kim, J. J., Tian, X. C., Scott, A., M. Kirsanov, Petti, R., S. Alekhin, P. Astier, D. Autiero, A. Baldisseri, M. Baldo‐Ceolin, Banner, M., G. Bassompierre, K. Benslama, Besson, N., Bird, I., Blumenfeld, B., & F. Bobisut. (2009). A measurement of coherent neutral pion production in neutrino neutral current interactions in the NOMAD experiment. Physics Letters B, 682(2), 177–184.