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We report a search for a magnetic monopole component of the cosmic-ray flux in a 95-day exposure of the NOvA experiment’s Far Detector, a 14 kt segmented liquid scintillator detector designed primarily to observe GeV-scale electron neutrinos. No events consistent with monopoles were observed, setting an upper limit on the flux of 2 × 10−14 cm−2 s−1 sr−1 at 90% C.L. for monopole speed 6 × 10−4 < β < 5 × 10−3 and mass greater than 5 × 108 GeV. Because of NOvA’s small overburden of 3 meters-water equivalent, this constraint covers a previously unexplored low-mass region.

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Acero, M. A., Adamson, P., Aliaga, L., T. Alion, V. Allakhverdian, Н. Анфимов, A. Antoshkin, E. Arrieta-Diaz, Asquith, L., A. Aurisano, Back, A., C. Backhouse, Baird, M., N. Balashov, Baldi, P., Bambah, B. A., Bashar, S., Bays, K., Bending, S., & Bernstein, R. H. (2021). Search for slow magnetic monopoles with the NOvA detector on the surface. Physical Review, 103(1).