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We report the results of a new global QCD analysis including deep-inelastic scattering data off 1H, 2H, 3H, and 3He targets. Nuclear corrections are treated in terms of a nuclear convolution approach with off-shell bound nucleons. The off-shell (OS) corrections responsible for the modification of the structure functions (SFs) of bound nucleons are constrained in a global fit along with the proton parton distribution functions (PDFs) and the higher-twist (HT) terms. We investigate the proton-neutron difference for the OS correction and discuss our predictions for the SF ratio F n 2 / F p 2 and the corresponding PDF ratio d/ u in the proton, as well as their correlations with the underlying treatment of the HT terms and of the OS corrections. In particular, we find that the recent MARATHON data are consistent with equal relative OS corrections for both the proton and the neutron.

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S. Alekhin, Kulagin, S. A., & Petti, R. (2023). Off-Shell Effects in Bound Nucleons and Parton Distributions From 1H, 2H, 3H, and 3He data. Physical Review, 107(5).