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We consider the impact of the recent data obtained by the LHC, Tevatron, and fixed-target experiments on the nucleon quark distributions with a particular focus on disentangling different quark species. An improved determination of the poorly known strange sea distribution is obtained due to including data from the neutrino-induced deep-inelastic scattering experiments NOMAD and CHORUS. The impact of the associated (W + c) production data by CMS and ATLAS on the strange sea determination is also studied and a comparison with earlier results based on the collider data is discussed. Finally, the recent LHC and Tevatron data on the charged lepton asymmetry are compared to the NNLO ABM predictions and the potential of this input in improving the non-strange sea distributions is evaluated.

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Alekhin, S., Blümlein, J., Lohwasser, K., Caminada, L. M., Lipka, K., Plačakytė, R., Moch, S.-O., & Petti, R. (2016). Nucleon PDF separation with the collider and fixed-target data. Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings, 273-275, 1961–1966.