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The inclusive electron neutrino charged-current cross section is measured in the NOvA near detector using 8.02×1020 protons-on-target in the NuMI beam. The sample of GeV electron neutrino interactions is the largest analyzed to date and is limited by ≃17% systematic rather than the ≃7.4% statistical uncertainties. The double-differential cross section in final-state electron energy and angle is presented for the first time, together with the single-differential dependence on Q2 (squared four-momentum transfer) and energy, in the range 1  GeV≤EνGENIE, GiBUU, NEUT, and NuWro neutrino event generators. The data do not strongly favor a model over the others consistently across all three cross sections measured, though some models have especially good or poor agreement in the single differential cross section vs Q2.

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Acero, M. A., Adamson, P., Aliaga, L., Н. Анфимов, A. Antoshkin, E. Arrieta-Diaz, Asquith, L., A. Aurisano, Back, A., Baird, M., N. Balashov, Baldi, P., Bambah, B. A., Bashar, S., Bays, K., Bernstein, R. H., Bhatnagar, V., Bhattarai, D., Bhuyan, B., & Bian, J. M. (2023). Measurement of The ve- Nucleus Charged-Current Double-Differential Cross Section At 〈Ev⟩ = 2.4 GeV Using NOvA. Physical Review Letters, 130(5).