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Modified theories of electrodynamics that include violations of Lorentz symmetry often allow for the possibility of vacuum Cerenkov radiation. This phenomenon has previously been studied in a number of Lorentz-violating theories, but none of the methods that have previously been developed are sufficient to study a theory with a timelike Chern-Simons term kAF, because such a term may generate exponentially growing solutions to the field equations. Searching for vacuum Cerenkov radiation in a theory with a purely timelike Chern-Simons term using only elementary methods, we find that, despite the presence of the runaway modes, a charge in uniform nonrelativistic motion does not radiate energy, up to second order in the velocity.

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Altschul, B. (2014). Absence of long-wavelength Cerenkov radiation with isotropic Lorentz andCPTviolation. Physical Review D, 90(2).

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