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If the observation by OPERA of apparently superluminal neutrinos is correct, the Lagrangian for second-generation leptons must break Lorentz invariance. We calculate the effects of an energy-independent change in the neutrino speed on another observable, the charged pion decay rate. The rate decreases by an factor [1 - 3/(1 - (m_mu)^2 / (m_pi) ^ 2) (< v_(nu) > - 1)], where < v_(nu) > is the (directionally averaged) neutrino speed in the pion's rest frame. This provides a completely independent experimental observable that is sensitive to the same forms of Lorentz violation as a neutrino time of flight measurement.

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Altschul, B. (2011). Consequences of neutrino Lorentz violation for leptonic meson decays. Physical Review D, 84(9).

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