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Field theories with spontaneous Lorentz violation involving an antisymmetric 2-tensor are studied. A general action including nonminimal gravitational couplings is constructed, and features of the Nambu-Goldstone and massive modes are discussed. Minimal models in Minkowski spacetime exhibit dualities with Lorentz-violating vector and scalar theories. The post-Newtonian expansion for nonminimal models in Riemann spacetime involves qualitatively new features, including the absence of an isotropic limit. Certain interactions producing stable Lorentz-violating theories in Minkowski spacetime solve the renormalization-group equations in the tadpole approximation.

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Altschul, B., Bailey, Q., & Kostelecký, A. (2010). Lorentz violation with an antisymmetric tensor. Physical Review D, 81(6).

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