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With an increasing number of antimicrobial stewardship-related articles published each year, attempting to stay current is challenging. The Southeastern Research Group Endeavor (SERGE-45) identified antimicrobial stewardship-related peer-reviewed literature that detailed an actionable intervention for 2018. The top 13 publications were selected using a modified Delphi technique. These manuscripts were reviewed to highlight the actionable intervention used by antimicrobial stewardship programs to provide key stewardship literature for teaching and training as well as to identify potential intervention opportunities within one's institution.

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Chahine, E. B., Durham, S. H., Mediwala, K. N., Chastain, D. B., Gauthier, T. P., Hill, B. K., Jones, B. M., Kisgen, J. J., Marx, A. H., Stover, K. R., Worley, M. V., Bland, C. M., & Bookstaver, P. B. (2019). A Baker’s dozen of top antimicrobial stewardship intervention publications in 2018. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 6(11).