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Although peptide therapeutics have been explored for decades, the successful delivery of potent peptides in vitro and in vivo remains challenging due to the poor stability, low cell permeability, and off-target effects. We developed a redox sensitive polymer-based nanocomplex which can efficiently and stably deliver the peptide drug melittin for cancer therapy. The nanocomplex selectively targets cancer cells through lactobionic acid mediated endocytosis and releases melittin intracellularly upon the trigger of elevated redox potential. In vivo study proved that the targeted nanocomplex shows excellent potency in inhibiting tumor growth in a xenograft colon cancer mouse model. Thus, the polymer/melittin nanocomplexes will provide a new approach for melittin based cancer therapy.

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Cheng, B., & Xu, P. (2020). Redox-Sensitive Nanocomplex for Targeted Delivery of Melittin. Toxins, 12(9), 582.


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