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Background Both ceftaroline and daptomycin are possible therapeutic options for diabetic foot infection (DFI) and both are active against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection; however, no previous studies have evaluated their efectiveness head-to-head.

Objective This study compared hospital readmission and mortality proportions among patients receiving ceftaroline fosamil or daptomycin for DFI.

Patients and Methods This was a retrospective cohort, comparative efectiveness study of adults (aged ≥ 18 years) admitted to United States Veterans Health Care System hospitals with a diagnosis code for DFI between 1 October 2010 and 30 September 2014 with an electronic order for ceftaroline or daptomycin as frst-line therapy within 14 days of admission. Baseline characteristics were compared using Chi-square, Fisher's exact, and Wilcoxon rank-sum tests. Hospital readmission and patient mortality proportions were compared through multivariable logistic regression models with Hispanic ethnicity, prior hospitalization, dyslipidemia, and Charlson comorbidity score as covariates.

Results In total, 223 patients were included (ceftaroline, n = 71; daptomycin n = 152). At baseline, ceftaroline patients were more likely to be Hispanic (18 vs. 6%, p < 0.01) and have been hospitalized in the past 90 days (34 vs. 19%, p = 0.02). Unadjusted 90-day hospital readmission proportions for ceftaroline versus daptomycin were 34 vs. 49%, and unadjusted 90-day mortality proportions were 1% vs. 8%. In multivariable models, ceftaroline patients were less likely to experience 90-day hospital readmission (odds ratio [OR] 0.46, 95% confdence interval [CI] 0.25–0.85) and 90-day mortality (OR 0.14, 95% CI 0.01–0.77).

Conclusions In this population, ceftaroline was associated with lower 90-day hospital readmission and 90-day mortality compared with daptomycin when used as frst-line therapy for DFI.

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Eaves, A. C., Teng, C., Evoy, K. E., & Frei, C. R. (2022). Retrospective cohort evaluating the comparative effectiveness of ceftaroline and daptomycin as first-line therapies for inpatient treatment of diabetic foot infection in the United States veterans health care system. Drugs - Real World Outcomes, 9, 609–615.