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Employment (statistics & numerical data); Humans; Licensure, Medical (statistics & numerical data); Licensure, Nursing (statistics & numerical data); Managed Care Programs (statistics & numerical data); Medicaid (statistics & numerical data); Nurse Practitioners (statistics & numerical data, supply & distribution); Patient-Centered Care (statistics & numerical data); Physicians (statistics & numerical data); Travel (statistics & numerical data); United States



In July 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) updated its Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) regulations that govern network and access standards for enrollees. There have been few published studies of whether there is accurate geographic information on primary care providers to monitor network adequacy.


We analyzed a sample of nurse practitioner (NP) and physician address data registered in the state labor, licensing, and regulation (LLR) boards and the National Provider Index (NPI) using employment location data contained in the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) data file. Our main outcome measures were address discordance (%) at the clinic-level, city, ZIP code, and county spatial extent and the distance, in miles, between employment location and the LLR/NPI address on file.


Based on LLR records, address information provided by NPs corresponded to their place of employment in 5% of all cases. NP address information registered in the NPI corresponded to their place of employment in 64% of all cases. Among physicians, the address information provided in the LLR and NPI corresponded to the place of employment in 64 and 72% of all instances. For NPs, the average distance between the PCMH and the LLR address was 21.5 miles. Using the NPI, the distance decreased to 7.4 miles. For physicians, the average distance between the PCMH and the LLR and NPI addresses was 7.2 and 4.3 miles.


Publicly available data to forecast state-wide distributions of the NP workforce for MMC members may not be reliable if done using state licensure board data. Meaningful improvements to correspond with MMC policy changes require collecting and releasing information on place of employment.

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Bell, N., Lòpez-DeFede, A., Wilkerson, R. C., & Mayfield-Smith, K. (2018). Precision of provider licensure data for mapping member accessibility to Medicaid Managed Care Provider Networks. BMC Health Services Research, 18.

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