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Spring 2023



The South Carolina Paleo Point Survey

Director's Notes

The Camden Burial Project, Part I: Background and Preliminary Results

The Search for Stuarts Town (1684-1686)

Numismatic History of the Charlesfort/Santa Elena Site: The Sixteenth-Century Spanish Occupation

SCIAA Publications Online at Scholar Commons: 2022

The South Carolina Paleoindian Point Survey on the Occasion of the Recording of the 800th Point

A Search Renewed: Continuing Survey Efforts to Locate Lucas Vazquez De Ayllon's Lost Capitana

Underwater Archaeological Photogrammetry Workshop

Guam 2022: Shipwreck Survey in Apra Harbor

The Savannah River Archaeological Research Program (SRARP) Premiers Two New Films

Historic Archaeology: Visiting 38LX5 in 1978

Annual Report 2022

Archaeological Research Trust: Summary of ART Grant Funding in 2021 and 2022

Yes, This is Hallowed Ground

John Allison, Distinguished Archaeologist of the Year

ART/SCIAA Donors August 2021-December 2022